Internet Service Cleanup

As the year is nearing the end, I have begun making some changes to my various internet services, which never is as easy as it seems.

Partly this is my own fault, as some of them are interconnected and hard to move individually so it requires some planning to minimize downtime.


First up however, is my own DNS services. I do run my own authoritative DNS server for my own stuff, including this blog, for various benefits. And while this has worked fine, it has been a tad to connected with my other things and somewhat vulnerable to downtime. And losing the DNS just creates too many issues. So I’m moving it to it’s own system to beef the resiliance. I found a great offer for a VPS from RackNerd which ended up a little over $10 for a whole year, and that fits perfectly.

Domain Glue records and DNS records have both been updated, and the transition should be smooth but .. well, if things should stop working temporarily then at least you know why.

Mastodon and the rest

Following the DNS will be my Mastodon instance and then the rest of the data will be dumped to the new system and configured as time allows. I’ll spend some time make the services independent of each other before the move, which will improve things down the line, I hope.

If your on the fediverse, you can find me at Say Hi!